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Not all opportunities to volunteer at CCAA require a disrict badge, but many do!

Parents are encouraged to get district badges well before field trip dates.  This process requires a TB testing and fingerprinting process through the district.  Visit the district Frequent Volunteer page or contact our school office for more information.

Please note that all adults must sign in at the office before coming on campus, and must wear a visitor badge, regardless of whether an event requires a district badge.

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We Need Drivers!

We sometimes need parents to volunteer to drive for field trips and other school events!

The process can take up to 8 weeks, and must be be completed annually.  Please do this process early in the school year. We have had some drivers not getting qualified in time and not able to drive for their event.

To ease the time, energy and small fee you will earn 15 parent involvement hours (if you qualify)--that's half your hours for the year just for signing up!  You can then earn additional hours for time spent driving and at events.

Look for current forms on our district Transportation page or contact the school office for more information.