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School Site Council (SSC)


Typically, one Tuesday a month in the library Walerga campus. Currently being held by zoom.

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Please send to principal no later than 1 week prior to the next meeting.


School Site Council is a group of administrators, teachers, and parents who work together to:

  1. Develop school policies
  2. Develop annual goals for the school with input from the Twin Rivers Unified Board of Trustees and Executive Committee
  3. Assess goals, objectives, achievements, financial status and any need for redirection
  4. Approve by-laws and the yearly budget and any fiscal expenditures greater than $1000 which are not included in the budget
  5. Annually review the education program and extra-curricular activities of the charter school
  6. Identify areas of concern and suggest solutions to the Teacher-in-Charge.

SSC / Executive Committee Members 2021-2022

Staff, Student and Parent Members:
-Brian Emerson, Principal
-Nick DeMola SSC
-Anna Rath SSC
-Amanda Borman SSC staff
-Eric Follestad SSC staff
-Kimberly Rivera SSC staff
-Shannon Pegar SSC staff
-Arabella Dickason SSC, student
-Ixcel Ruelas Ramirez SSC, student
-Sari Fannin SSC, student
-Debra Williams SSC staff
-Julia Gordon SSC 
-Kris Ward, EC staff
-Tina Hughes-Corben EC staff
-Anna Rath, EC
-Eve Hogerheide EC staff
-Danelle Crawford EC
-Crystal Harding Jenkins EC
-Tracey Lilley EC staff

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