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Visual Arts

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There are many ways in which your child can learn the basic art skills needed to improve their fine art abilities here at CCAA:

1) Exploratory Classes: All students 1st– 6th grade may participate in an exploratory program where they will sample the many art disciplines looking for one they love.  All students must take one of each discipline by 5thgrade.  Fine art is one of these disciplines and there are several fine art classes. Please look at the exploratory list found in the planner to help your child choose a fine art class.

2) Fine art classes at the high school level range from ceramics to drawing. All students at the high school level must take a fine art class.

3) Teachers at CCAA K-12 have been trained in fine art classes in the effort to make sure that the integration of fine art is covered in all of the subjects.  Because of this all students at CCAA experience fine arts throughout their day.

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