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Parent Involvement


A core tenet of our charter school’s educational program is parent participation. Parent participation is an asset that enriches the school and helps ensure the success of its students. When families apply for CCAA, they acknowledge that they are strongly encouraged to volunteer at school or school related activities with a goal of 30 hours of their time per year per family. We annually celebrate those families who fulfill or exceed this commitment! These hours can be acquired by volunteering at school, at school functions, or at home doing school related work. Earn TIME AND A HALF for cleaning litter/orchard work on campuses on weekends (schedule with office to ensure campus is open) and WORKING an event earns TIME AND A HALF versus JUST ATTENDING an event.

Thank you for honoring our school community by helping at and/or donating to our school events! Thank you for being role models of INTEGRITY and follow-through for your children! We believe that “many hands make lighter work.” ALL ADULTS MUST SIGN IN AT THE OFFICE BEFORE COMING ON CAMPUS AND MUST WEAR A VISITOR BADGE.


Way to be involved:

This description/activity would count!


This description or activity would


Chaperoning a group of CCAA students at a school/community service event, helping to maintain proper behavior and appreciation for serving the community Making cards on a field study day with only your child
Donating time to purchase and deliver supplies needed for a CCAA school or class event Providing or buying school supplies for your own child
Being a job shadow mentor for ANOTHER CCAA student, spending the day broadening their education Being a job shadow mentor for your own children
Physically contributing to cleaning, planting, beautifying our campus with your child and others on a field study day or on another work day Sitting in a chair watching your child clean the campus
Helping other CCAA students to earn their community service hours at events like marathons, fundraisers, etc. where they help/volunteer time Running with your child in a fundraising marathon (exception Race for the Arts because it benefits CCAA)
Working the snack bar, serving at dinners, selling tickets, handing out programs, set up or clean up for CCAA events or CCAA sponsored events off campus Driving or carpooling NON-CCAA students to another school
Donating time and efforts to support CCAA fundraisers, distributing flyers for CCAA events (for example: carnival, haunted house, craft fair, crab feed, father/daughter dance, HS dances, international food night, fireworks booth and more!) Passing out flyers or work for a church
Volunteering as a team coach, room parent, leading a club, participating in committee work, serving on SSC or PTO or ELAC Attending just your child’s performance and then leaving
Working in the orchard on either campus Doing personal work/daycare in par center