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Application Process

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How to apply

Please complete the APPLICATION, and send the PRIOR SCHOOL REFERENCE FORM to your student's current teacher to complete (send them the link to this page or to the Google form).

All students who complete the application process by the application deadline will then be placed in the lottery drawing for available spots.

We do accept applications after the lottery deadline and during the school year for remaining open spots and grade level waitlists.


A charter school is a tuition-free public school created and operated by parents, organizations, or community groups to fill an educational need not otherwise offered by traditional schools.  As a charter, we can direct our resources where our students need them most.

Charters have more flexibility than conventional public schools in exchange for being held to additional standards to make sure they are meeting their student goals. It is for those reasons that public charter schools are part of the solution to a better education system.

Charter schools must admit all students who apply - if there is excess demand for the number of seats available, the school conducts a lottery to determine who will be enrolled.

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Enrollment Papers must be completed for all incoming CCAA students.  Students coming from within the district need only complete a New Student Information Sheet.  Students coming from outside the district or Kindergarteners need a complete packet (Shot Records, age verification).  Also important, is that every family complete the Free and Reduced Lunch form as that makes our school eligible for extra funding.