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Walerga Library

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Monday - Friday from 7:35 AM to 3:45 PM

closed Wednesday afternoons for staff meeting


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Do you like to buy your own books?

You can buy Scholastic Books from the book orders in the library, or by setting up an account online.  See Mrs. Pegar for more information.

Use the class activation code for your online purchases for our library to earn the points.  The points are used to purchase books for the library.


Class Activation Code: LVZBX

Textbooks Card IconTextbooks

Textbooks need to be returned to the library if you drop class, before you move to a new school or at the end of the school year.

You are responsible for the care of the textbooks checked out in your name.

If you damage a textbook, you must pay for the replacement of the textbook.

If you lost your textbook and it remains on your Destiny record, you must pay for the replacement to clear it.

Other consequences for not returning your textbooks or paying your fines:     

  •   You will not receive your report card.
  •   You will not receive your 8th grade promotion certificate.
  •   You will not receive your high school diploma.
  •   You will not receive your transcripts.



  • NO GUM, FOOD, OR DRINKS IN THE LIBRARY unless approved by Mrs. Pegar
  • Enter and exit library calmly and quietly
  • Have pass to the Library
  • Sign in on Library Sign In Sheet
  • Gaming/YouTube/social media on computers (unless academic) is not allowed
  • Return/renew all materials by due date
  • Use appropriate volume and language
  • Treat equipment, books and materials respectfully


  1. Log in as ccsstudent  - it will speed up the log in time 

  2. When you log out  make sure you wait until the screen is showing the log in page or is blank. If it is not, then the laptop stays logged into your account   

  3. Put laptop back in the correct slot

  4. Make sure the power cord is plugged in all the way

  5. No Food or Drinks near the laptop

Use these links for technology agreements in the classroom:

Student Pledge for Laptop Use


Attention_Parents/Guardians: Card IconAttention Parents/Guardians:

Pursuant to California Education Code section 35186, you are hereby notified that:

  1. There should be sufficient textbooks and instructional materials. That means each pupil, including English learners, must have a textbook or instructional materials, or both, to use in the class and to take home to complete required homework assignments.
  2. School facilities must be clean, safe, and maintained in good repair.

A complaint form may be obtained at the school office, district office or downloaded from the school's Web site. You may also download a copy of the California Department of Education complaint form from the following Web site:


Textbooks checked out to the student will be his/her responsibility to take care of and to keep in a safe place. Textbooks issued out to students must be returned in its original checked out condition minus normal wear and tear.

Once a textbook is issued to a student, he/she is responsible for that textbook.

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND that when a textbook is checked out to a student, that particular book is issued with a specific book number.  This means that when the student returns his/her textbook the number of the textbook must match the number that was previously checked out to him/her.

Due Date

Textbooks are due at the end of the school year or on your last day at CCAA.


 If textbooks are found to be damaged or marked as lost, students will be charged the full replacement cost of the text.

 Lost/Missing/Unreturned books are refundable. If a book has been paid for and found, within a year of payment, a reimbursement will be made to the student. If a book is brought in with a receipt by the student stating that the lost/missing/unreturned book was previously paid for then a reimbursement will be made if less then a year has passed. If a lost/missing/unreturned book is found by the school without the student's knowledge a credit in the amount paid for will be announced on the student's account. Student's who are still within the Twin Rivers Unified School District will be able to catch his/her reimbursement notice if they visit their school library.