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Dance @ CCAA

students in dance classAt CCAA, students have the opportunity to learn dance through the following opportunities:

1) All K-6 students get a beginning movement in order to learn the vocabulary of dance and movement styles of various dance forms.  Additionally, all classes K-12 put together an annual routine for the Winter Program using basic dance techniques.

2) Junior high and high school students can take dance as part of their class schedule for elective credit.

3) All K-6 students and CCAA Elementary and Junior High/High School Dancers perform in a Winter Dance Showcase.

4) Exploratory Classes- All students 1st – 6th grade may participate in an Exploratory program where they will sample the many art disciplines looking for one they love.  All students must take one of each discipline by 5th grade.  Dance is one of these disciplines and there are several Dance classes by various staff members each year.