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Field Study Days

Latino Stem Conference @ UC Davis

Latino Stem Conference @ UC Davis

Latino Stem Conference @ UC Davis

Latino Stem Conference @ UC Davis

Latino Stem Conference @ UC Davis

Field Study Day Program

Field Study Days have been developed to give students an opportunity to design their own meaningful experience for the day.  The day should be spent on an activity that extends the learning environment from the classroom into the home and community.  Several days are set aside each year for this purpose.

The program consists of three strands: job shadowing, field trips, and community service.  At least a week before, students will receive an “Advance Preparation” worksheet to help them plan for each field study day.  Completed forms need to be turned in prior to the field study day no matter what the activity is.  Students must return a simple accounting of the educational experiences they had on the Field Study Day or the weekend proceeding or following it.  Staff will guide students through this process.  Failure to complete the requirements may result in the student being considered truant.  Some forms are available on the left side of this page.

NEVER EXPECT NOR ASK the cooperating teacher, businessperson or other supervising adult to provide you with lunch, gifts, etc.

Strand 1 — Job Shadowing
Strand 2 — Field Trips
Strand 3 — Community Service 

Job Shadowing

Strand 1 - Job Shadowing


This experience is provided for students so they can learn about a variety of careers, the world of work, and how their education can help prepare them for the future.

  • Students must spend a minimum of four hours “shadowing” their adult mentor. 
  • One student shadows one mentor at a time (two students may not “shadow” the same mentor.) 
  • Transportation is the responsibility of the parent, and it’s important to arrive on time. 
  • During the day, students will complete their “Shadow Day Questionnaire” and give the mentor an evaluation to complete. (The student is responsible for obtaining this before the shadow day.
  • Dress code: Dress for the kind of position you will be shadowing. In general, do not wear a hat, tee shirt, or baggy pants. It is best to not wear jeans, but if you do, they should be clean, without holes, and not frayed. Wear clean clothes and shoes in good condition and have all buttons and zippers fastened. Dress tastefully and on the conservative side. The clothing must be appropriate for what you are doing that day.
  • Good grooming: Hair should be clean and neatly combed – no way-out hairstyles. Bathe daily and use deodorant. Clean fingernails and hands. Brush teeth and use breath mints if needed. DO NOT CHEW GUM! Males should be cleanly shaven.
  • Good posture: Don’t slouch when shadowing with your mentor. If asked to sit and meet people, sit up straight in the chair and lean slightly forward. Walk in confidently and proudly. Remember to have and show a positive attitude! 

Field Trips

Strand 2 - Field Trips

The following are field trip ideas:

Community Service

Strand 3 - Community Service